Back to school: Healthy tips to boost fibre intake

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September is the month when most children return to school – and when some may be starting school for the first time. After 6 weeks of holidays, the change in routine may be a shock to the system in more ways than one!

One of the impacts of a daily timetable is that children have limited access to the toilet and some may not feel comfortable using the toilet away from home. This can lead to a change in bowel habits and sometimes constipation.

Help ensure your children are not distracted by constipation

One of the best ways to improve bowel habits is to increase fibre intake in the everyday diet. Here are some simple tips for increasing fibre everyday:1

  1. At breakfast time select a higher fibre wholemeal cereal like Weetabix or porridge – adding fruit will not only add flavour but also fibre
  2. Change bread and pasta to brown varieties
  3. Prepare potatoes with the skins on e.g. jacket potatoes or new potatoes
  4. Adding pulses like beans or lentils to stews or meals such as chilli can boost fibre
  5. For lunch boxes make sure you include lots of fruit and vegetables – pre-peel fruit or cut into segments to make it easy to eat
  6. Dried fruit is a good source but remember it can stick to teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay so should be eaten at meal times

And of course, don’t forget that keeping them hydrated is another good way to ward off constipation.

Culturelle® Kids Natural Fibre – helping your little ones get back to their regular self

It may be difficult to ensure that your children get enough fibre at all times, especially if they are going through a fussy eating phase. Culturelle® Kids Natural Fibre combines fibre sourced from fruit and vegetables with the good bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG ®) – the most studied strain in children.

With no added flavour, simply add to yoghurt, cereal or cold food or drinks.

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