New Year, Same You

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It’s a new year and many people are making new year’s resolutions, 80% of which will fail by February.1 That means most people only spend about a month committed to their “new lifestyle”. But why is this? Because people set unrealistic goals. If a person never runs and their new year’s resolution is to run every day, they’re choosing an objective that is difficult to maintain. However, if someone runs three times a week and they want to start running five times a week, this goal is more likely to stick considering their routine is already similar!

So how can you know what goals you can actually keep up for longer than a month? We’ve made it easy and compiled a list below of small, everyday changes that you can make without completely disrupting your normal routine. Begin by incorporating one or two changes every other week until you’ve built up an overall healthier lifestyle.


It’s no secret that we feel better after a full night’s sleep, but how much do we really need each night? Studies have shown that between eight and nine hours is just the right amount for people ages 18 to 64.2 The exact sleep requirements need varies from person to person and can be determined by varying your sleep schedule. Do you feel groggy after seven hours? Maybe you need nine each night. Figure out your perfect number and make sure you get in those Z’s to support your metabolism and improve cognitive function!3


Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, aid peace of mind and can set or change the tone of your whole day!4 Set aside 20 minutes a day for the most benefit. If 20 minutes sounds like a lot, make it easier on yourself and ease in by doing 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night before bed. Pick an empowering mantra like “I am strong” or a relaxing mantra like “just breathe” and repeat it while you breathe deeply and find your Zen.

Drink Your Probiotics

This may be the easiest change on the list! If you’re already drinking water every day, which you should be, then you’re half-way there! Add Culturelle® Pro-Well® Immune + Energy to a glass of water, smoothie or healthy juice. That’s it! You’ll get the benefits of the number one clinically studied probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®) for digestive health and immune support, vitamin C for immune support and B vitamins to help sustain energy levels all day!

Get Moving

This one seems obvious, but to some people, exercise seems like something they don’t have time for. However, to reap the benefits, you only need to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day!5 Try taking a brisk walk during your lunch break or waking up 30 minutes earlier to get in some sunrise yoga. If you can spend 30 minutes or more watching your favourite show, you can throw in some jumping jacks and sit-ups during the commercials—it will add up! Boosting your heart rate boosts your energy and mood, reduces stress and aids heart health—so start moving!5

Take a Laugh Break

Need an excuse to go see that new comedy movie? Science shows that laughing, even just for two minutes, can do wonders for your health. When you laugh, your brain releases dopamine which can result in reduced pain, stress relief, an immune boost and a mood boost!6 Cue up your favourite stand-up on video or listen to a funny podcast for a quick laugh—you’ll feel the effects instantly.

Healthy Snacks

Snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to get your daily vitamins and nutrients and support your digestive health. However, it’s not always easy or convenient to get these foods, especially during a busy day or holiday season. Meal, or in this case, snack-prepping is an easy fix to this problem. By spending just 15 minutes a few nights a week slicing up your favourite fresh produce, you can have snacks ready to grab and throw in your bag or lunch box every morning. You can even spend an hour each Saturday or Sunday preparing for the week ahead. Whatever works for you just make sure you always have healthy snacks to choose from!

The New Year doesn’t mean a new you, it means time to reflect and figure out how to become the best version of you. However you choose to start your new year, don’t overwhelm yourself! Begin by making some of these small changes and slowly add more when you feel like you’ve got the last one down. Start slow and check in with yourself often—you’ve got this!

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